The Health Policy

The goal of the Health Policy is to promote and strengthen the health of the kindergarten community with its emphasis on nutrition, physical activity and artistic creation through playing. All children should learn to respect their own health and others’ and regard it as the basis for a satisfactory living. At the health kindergarten health promotion is at the forefront all the time. The aim of the Health Policy is to get the child accustomed to healthy living at early age so as to make it a part of their lifestyle in the future. Each health kindergarten might give consideration to other issue than the others but healthy nutrition, physical activity and artistic creativity shall always be their main concern.


1. Nourishment

– eating healthy and nutritious food

– discussing the importance of the nutrition circle

– the children become conscious on what is healthy and what is unhealthy

– emphasis on food traditions








A good nutrition is the basis of the individual’s well-being, both physical and mental as well as the development, immunity and performance of the individual through all phases of life. Healthy nutrition is especially important for the youth because they are going through the main phase of development and growth of their life. As well as paying attention to an increased consumption of vegetable and fruits water shall always be accessible for both children and staff. In composing a menu the goals of Public Health Institute regarding nutrition for children should be used as a frame of reference and a nutritionist should be consulted.


2. Physical Activity

– increasing body knowledge

– strengthening the self-image

– improving one’s physical mobility

– facilitating communications

– learning concepts








Physical activity contributes to physical and mental well-being, happiness, energy and courage. The environment has to offer the possibility of both delicate as well as rougher physical mobility so as to stimulate both physical, mental as well as the social strength of the child both outdoors and indoors. Physical group exercises should be practiced at least on weekly basis. The aim is to increase the child’s all-around development and body knowledge; self-confident and happy child finds it easier to play and absorb knowledge. A purposeful physical exercise also affects the child’s language development and understanding and by that the social adaptability and the enjoyment of playing increases as well so that the children’s friendship thrives.


3. Artistic Creativity

– stimulating the joy of creation

– strengthening the imagination

– introducing different materials and handling them

– sensing the beauty in the environment








The child has a great need to create and by playing it is constantly creating. It is important to employ and conjoin multiple forms of expression such as fine arts, music and theatre. A purposeful creativity from the age of 2 where one or more creative forms are employed should be emphasized. The aim is to maintain curiosity, creativity, supporting the child’s self-confidence and imagination. The creative process itself is more important than the outcome. It should be stressed that the child grasps the opportunity to work with different materials, experiment and develop their skills that gives them confidence about their own abilities.